Needle shield release

Complete product taken out of blister pack

Ability to release needle shield with one hand; increased security lower risk for contamination

Squeeze rear needle holder to release needle shield

Insertion procedure

The needle holder keeps the plaster folded and supports skin penetration and enhance the insertion procedure

Entrance of the vessel lumen is indicated by blood in the flashback chamber. The catheter is easily introduced by sliding the catheter over the needle into the vessel. Procedure is facilitated and stabilized by the catheter holder

The plaster unfolds by withdrawing the needle holder from the catheter

Catheter fixation

Eliminating blood spill by a low resistance backstop valve when the needle holder is withdrawn from the catheter. No need for second hand digital compression of the intravascular catheter end. Easy seal tight fixation by the release of plaster straps.

Application of the luer cap to seal the unit

Insertion Technique

Novovene has several interacting inventive steps to reduce the number of complications and mitigate the effects of thrombophlebitis. It also has an integrated blood control function to prohibit blood spill and contamination when inserting the catheter.