Intuition Medical AB was founded to implement new innovative ideas to improve patient safety and reduce complications associated with the use of intravascular catheters. Extensive research, development and design changes resulted over time in different prototypes evaluated in experimental models. Finally a pilot series of catheter for clinical evaluation was manufactured based on the experimental studies and eventually evaluated in a small clinical study. The outcome was positive from both the patients and medical personal perspective.
The production cost of the catheters was in line with expectations for the small series, and showed the potential of a rational production line. The costs of a large scale production line would thus marginally exceed the costs of similar products including the dressing. The IPR and the features of the catheter represents a differential unique selling point as compared to other products in the segment.

The company has been funded by its parent company Tradinco AB. We now consider the product ready to take the next step focusing on a commercial product , and are now looking for external funding from interested investors . If you are an interested investor, please contact us at to get more information.